About Us

Our History

Back In the early 80’s some brothers from Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Denmark was doing hard time in prison. To help themselves and their families they created support shirts. Soon it became too much for the prison system and the brothers on the outside had to take over. At that time they began producing more merchandise, and the name Route 81 was chosen for the Danish support shop. In the mid 90’s the first web shop went online and in our peak period, around the millennium, we opened shops throughout Scandinavia. Route 81 is still online and also our support membership society VIKING DEFENCE LEAGUE.

Our Course

We have two main causes at Route 81: We want to give people the chance to show that they care and that they support Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. We want to raise money to help our incarcerated people – the Big House Crew and their families. Every time you buy an item or make a donation here, you support our BHC people and their relatives. We are thankful and appreciate your support.