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Product: DVD collection box – 4 dvd's + 2 books
Note: Everyone is talking about Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. It is the club that everyone writes about, the club which many film companies' wants to make films about, and also the club which everyone is trying to copy and make money off. However, this collection box will give you the story of the angels, told by them. From those who know what happened back then and the ones that knows what is happening today. The box contains a wide selection of movies and literature on the world's leading motorcycle club, and especially the Scandinavian development. From when HAMC Copenhagen joined the international brotherhood in 1980 as the 38th chapter and up till 2012 when Hells Angels MC World has chapters all over the world. The club's founding in California, the process of opening new chapters in Oceania, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Hells Angels are a club that is constantly evolving and today the club is found in all Scandinavian countries. Nostalgia and myths, biker life and conflicts, but especially reality as it is for those who really know something about the Hells Angels. The angels themselves! Famous and infamous, stories of legends and with never shown film clips and images from an environment that most people only know from the police – and of course media headlines. Hells Angels Scandinavia – the true story, is assembled from material which is made by Hells Angels members, and with a foreword by the Danish HA-veteran Jørn Jønke Nielsen.

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